Digital Dance Party – Grade 4 (Ontario Curriculum)

Digital Dance Party - Grade 4 (Ontario Curriculum)

Useful for the 4th
Most commonly used by 4th grade students.

Includes PDF and 15 pages

You need to learn how to evaluate and teach dance online. Here’s what I have for you. The unit is designed to be used in Grade 4 of the Ontario curriculum, but it could easily be modified for any other junior class! This Google slide deck will contain:

  • Harmonized with Ontario Grade 4 Ballet curriculum
  • Dance elements
  • Move with the natural world
  • Dance in our lives
  • Dancing around the globe
  • Cultural dances
  • Videos of appropriate dances (both traditional and modern) are available through video links
  • Tiktoks for kids
  • Final assignment
  • Teacher rubric and success criteria/checklist
  • Important Student Reflection after an assignment

You have everything you need to make a student-approved and romping fun dance group. It’s all digital!


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