Digital James Rizzi Cityscape Art Project & Artist Biography on Google Slides

Digital James Rizzi Cityscape Art Project & Artist Biography on Google Slides

Can be used for 2nd – 5th
Mostly used with 4th students.

Includes: PDF, 39 Slides

Are you teaching remotely and need a fun and engaging art lesson? This James Rizzi collage of cityscapes is 100% digital. That means the entire artwork is created in Google Slides, making it perfect for distance learning or even as a fast finisher activity in the art room. Students can copy and paste shapes to create their own Rizzi-inspired, Pop Art city. Every student’s artwork will stand out among the 215 available graphics.

The best part? It requires no prep! Simply download and assign it via your school’s LMS.


To begin, students can read the artist biography. You can edit the text to make it your own. It tells the story of James Rizzi’s life as a college graduate, selling his artwork at famous art museums. It also describes how he created his trademark 3D prints out of paintings he made. It also shows the elements of New York City that inspired him, such as Times Square, Coney Island and Central Park.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for kids to create their own digital collage art. They will use their imaginations to create and copy buildings, windows, birds or cars. On a slide, they will create their artwork. Once they’ve arranged their piece, they can use the paint bucket tool to re-color any of the buildings to suit their composition.

The lesson also includes 215 moving pieces so that your class can create their own James Rizzi cityscape. Step-by-step directions are included at the beginning of the document to teach students how to copy and paste, flip, and rotate objects as well as how to change the color, size, and order of them in the layout


The download contains a two-page PDF with directions on how to access the templates. And this document comes ready to go in Google Drive, so don’t worry about trying to figure out how to import it into your Drive!


I’ve included directions for some basics like copy/pasting, rotating, ordering, and adjusting the size of images as well as how to color the buildings.


This resource was designed so students could change the color of the buildings. All other graphics on the slide deck, including windows, doors, cars and boats, doodles and birds, are also available. These graphics are not editable in color. This is so that the files are smaller and easier to download to kids’ devices.


  • 1 Non-Editable PDF – Basic overview of the art project included.
  • Google Drive Access Link – A link to download the digital James Rizzi cityscape templates located on page 3 of the PDF.)
  • 15 Student Directions Slides – These slides explain how to use some of the basic features of Google Slides including how to copy/paste, rotate, scale up/down, and change the order of objects in a layout.
  • 10 Student Useable Background Slides – These include solid colored backgrounds that match the moveable pieces. This is the place where students will place their forms. Once students have chosen the background slide they wish to use, any background slide they don’t want can be removed.
  • 215 Moveable Objects – These items can be copied and pasted into the background slides mentioned above. These items will be used by them to create their digital collage. (DISCLAIMER! The graphics contained in this file can not be used to create any commercial resources.
  • 1 James Rizzi Biography for Kids – This is a one page document about the life and work of the artist. You can edit it.
  • 4 Teacher Examples – The last four slides of the deck can be used to demonstrate on and show students a completed version of the project. These should not be included in the assignment you give to your class. These should not be included in the copy you send to your students.
  • Each template page is designed on 8.5×11″ slides and can be printed if desired.


  1. Does this work in Schoology, Microsoft Teams, Seesaw, and Canvas? Yes. You can share any Google Slides creations with your students. These LMS’s are used to assign items.
  2. Students will need to have a Google account in order to access this. Slides will require access. Students can however download the PowerPoint file and let students use it instead. Continue reading to find out more.
  3. These templates can be used in PowerPoint. Yes. Everything created in Google Slides is available for download into PowerPoint. Open the file in Slides. Then, go to FILE >> DOWNLOAD >> MICROSOFT POWERPOINT.
  4. Do students have the ability to add their own shapes into this document? Yes. Yes! Students can add their unique touches to the cityscape by using the shape and line tools. You can have your class use the polyline tool and the scribble tool to create more complicated shapes. You can find both tools by tapping the line tool in your toolbar at top of screen.
  5. What can I do to get the templates in my school Google accounts if I accidentally open it in my personal one? It is very easy. Log out of your personal account first. Next, log in to your school Google account. Click on the link within the PDF to bring it up in your Drive.
  6. Do I have to purchase a separate download for each student or do I not need to? No. You will need to buy a license for each person who will be using the software in your school. 
  7. I have downloaded the PDF but can’t find where to access Google Slides. Click on the link with the pointed arrow at Page 3.



In downloading this teacher resource, you agree that you are purchasing a single user license for personal classroom only and does not give you copyright. Glitter Meets Glue’s teaching materials may not be adapted or resold. They also cannot be distributed or translated into other languages for resale. Graphic credit may not be removed from any teaching material.


Would you also like to purchase a license so your colleagues may use this product, too? All additional copies receive a 10% discount Use the honor system in this site as you would in your classroom.

Created by Amie Bentley, © Glitter Meets Glue Designs, LLC

Can’t wait to use this with my kids. This tool is great for art and teaching students how to use PPT to bring to front, bring it back, enlarge, make small, etc.

These were great! It was a huge hit with my students. Everything was already set up and ready to go. It was very easy to distribute this to my students using Google Classroom.


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