Dinosaurs Movement Cards for Preschool and Brain Break

Dinosaurs Movement Cards for Preschool and Brain Break

Useful for PreK-First
This is a great tool for PreK, Early Childhood, and PreK students.

Also includes: PDF and 15 cards

The dinosaur movement cards are sure to keep your kids busy and excited about the warmer weather. Make your students move as a tyrannosaurus, apatosaurus and mammoth. When it is too wet outside, keep the little ones entertained indoors! While teaching…

It was great to have this for my distance-learning video. These moves were used to classify dinosaurs according to their size after I had read the story about dinosaurs. These moves were very well received by my students. It was also a good way to get them to balance and cross the midline.

Students love to move. This seller is great for supplying information about the theme of the month as well as movement activities. Easy to use.


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