Dip, Wipe, Swipe | Classroom Visual

Dip, Wipe, Swipe | Classroom Visual

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Also includes: PDF and N/A

Is it common for students to spin their paint brushes in their watercolors. Are they adding too much water when applying color to their paint pans? Do they abuse your paint brushes when you are drawing? Bless their hearts. These questions are answered by you if yes. Then you should read this easy-to-follow guide to paint brush painting. I call it “Dip Wipe Swipe”. It’s an easy way for your little ones to remember the proper steps when painting with their brushes! First you have them “DIP” their brush into the water, “WIPE” the brush on the lip of the water, and then finally “Swirl or SWIPE” their paint 3 times in the paint tray. This makes it easy to paint with children.


The poster is available as a PDF in high resolution at 18×24 inches (but it can also be scaled down to smaller sizes).

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A great resource

It is loved by my students. This poster is great for reminding students of the importance of teaching.


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