Directed Drawing & Writing Packet – November, December and January

Directed Drawing & Writing Packet - November, December and January

It can be used by K-through-3rd grade, homeschool and other students.

Included: PDF, 51 Pages

This Packet of Directed Writing and Drawing is great for winter and late fall! This packet includes projects for November, December, and January.

This is the Year Bundle. You can get it HERE.

This 50-page worksheet pack will assist you in integrating ‘November, Dec and January’ themes learning with writing or art.


Select one of these 4 projects to be used for the 10 drawings.

The classic guided drawing of me

– big draw (art project)

Write and draw (story).

– Reading-Draw-Write with word prompts

Drawing directed allows students to be successful in their learning of drawing and motivates them to write.

The Directed drawing in its original formStudents can simply draw by following the steps.

Draw BigProvides the necessary steps and includes a worksheet with borders that allows students to create large art.

Draw and writeStudents can draw in the blank area (using separate pages of steps), and write on a few lines.

The “Read, Draw, WriteStudents are encouraged to use the “style” worksheet to help them read and draw pictures (and add more drawings if necessary). Then lines will be provided to allow students to compose sentences about the topic or their picture.

These are the direct drawings that were included in this file:

  1. pie
  2. Crow
  3. Turkey
  4. Get wreath
  5. pudding
  6. Christmas tree
  7. gingerbread man
  8. snowman
  9. Walrus
  10. penguin

These drawings are playful.

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My class enjoyed this resource during the remote morning meeting. The children color it at their own speed and email me the finished product.

The directed drawings are a hit with students. These were left for students after they have finished their work. They loved them! Thank you so much


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