Directed Drawings – 3 Summer Animals – Sea Turtle, Shark, Crab

Directed Drawings - 3 Summer Animals - Sea Turtle, Shark, Crab

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Also available in PDF

The Directed Drawing class is a hit with students! This process makes it possible for children of any age to learn how to draw. It is also great for adults as well as older children.

This is why I wanted to share it:

1. It was amazing to see how much kids love it.

2. This encourages listening and learning.

3. This helped me to learn how to draw simple shapes with clear instructions.

Why are these drawings unique?All of the directions are printable for use by students. Each one includes step-by–step photographs and language that is child-friendly.

You can also check out other direct drawings!

The bundle now includes this set of animals. Check it out Click here

My free Snow Globe directed drawing is available hereClick here

At the Classroom

You can demonstrate how to draw on large pieces of paper, or on a chalkboard. Let students create their first draft in their notebooks or on a dry eraseboard. You can make final copies for class art, cards, gifts or as a memento for the end.

For those who wanted to stay, I enjoyed offering an once-a-week guided drawing following our Zoom meetings. A number of kids took part and loved making their creations. They are something I would like to be a part of my personal learning.

Zoom was used to complete the drawing of the shark. It was a hit with my fellow students. When we get back in the fall, I will have them on my class bulletin board. Next year, our theme is the ocean.


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