Directed Drawings for the Entire School Year Bundle & Distance Learning

Directed Drawings for the Entire School Year Bundle & Distance Learning

Can be used for K – 2nd
Mostly used with Kindergarten and 1st students.

Includes: PDF, 85 pages

Directed Drawing is a great way to engage students and cover art standards at the same time! You can use them to enhance your close reads and thematic units. You can either lead your class in a group drawing lesson or let them use the page for their own personal use. They are also useful for teaching listening skills and following directions. These are ideal for distance education because they have a video and simple to follow instructions.

Each month there are at most 5 drawings with step-by-step directions for the months of Aug-May. I’m done with 54 drawings. The drawings range in difficulty, but are suitable for K-2+.

My blog, FirstGradeBlueSKies is now First and Kindergarten Blue SKies.

Included right now: ALL MONTHS INCLUDED

April: chick, ladybug, ant, bee, butterfly

May: Mom, turtle, crab, shark, jellyfish

June: Dad

August: bus, raccoon, dinosaur, blue cat, watermelon

September: pig, Johnny Appleseed, dog, sheep, cow

October: Frankenstein, bat, spider, owl, firetruck

November: Pilgrim boy, Pilgrim girl, Native American boy, Native American girl, turkey

December: moose, reindeer, Santa, elf, ornament

January: Martin Luther King jr, penguin, polar bear, snowman, fox

February: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, tooth fairy, eagle, simple eagle, groundhog

March: leprechaun, hippo, frog, giraffe, Tree-Loving March Creature


I am rendered speechless. This product is incredible! This product is amazing! I can barely draw but it has so much quality and playfulness that I’m amazed at its relevance. You are amazing! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE

This pack is amazing! These drawings can be used to build confidence in students while they learn how to draw. We use illustrations in conjunction with our writing units. I find this just what I need for students to become skilled artists. We are so grateful for this wonderful product. The growing bundle is a great idea! 🙂


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