Doodle Frames // Personal and Commercial Use // Set 8

Twinkle Doodle Frames 82 Frames For Commercial Use 069567100 1379298674 1625052627

You can also use the certificate for students of different grade levels.

Includes: PDF,


You can use the borders in this set to create 21 different designs. Most designs can be made in four fills: clear/white clear crystal clear or clear. There are 82 frames in total.

[Terms of Use]These frames may be used for either personal or professional purposes. The frames may not be resold or given away in any digital clipart sets. It is important to save frames in protected formats, such as pdf,.png, or.jpeg. While credit is recommended, it’s not necessary.

Every frame from the preview will also be in a zip file.

PNG files are an option for frame designs.

They’re amazing. These are simple to use, not bulky and make your pages look great. Thanks!

These frames are amazing. They look great. They have been great for many different projects. These tools are versatile.


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