Drama Card Bundle

Drama Card Bundle

It can be used to teach 1st-through 3rd grades.

Includes PDF. 76 pages

You can use these 7 sets of Drama Cards for dance, drama, brain breaks or just classroom fun. These 176 cards will get students acting and moving! You can download the zip file.

This package includes these sets of cards:

Charades (20 cards)

20 cards of Emotions Cards

24 cards: Movement Cards (Actions).

Nature Movement Cards (32 cards).

24 cards of Short Skit Cards

Tableaux Cards (32 cards)

Tone of voice cards (24 cards).

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While I am not a teacher of drama, I was able to review the bundle together with a colleague teacher. We chose lessons that were appropriate for grade 1 students. Drama was something they really enjoyed. All students were engaged.

This was a charades card that I shared with my grade 1/2 students as a pre-teacher. The kids enjoyed it. Some tone of voice cards were difficult to read for those who don’t know how to read. We look forward to the use of other activities in September.


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