Drama Circle Bundle

Drama Circle Bundle

It can be used to help 4th-7th-graders.

Includes PDF. 76 pages

This zipped resource contains 6 of my most popular Any-day Drama Circles. For a total 7 activities in my drama circles, I also added the Free Fairy Tales Drama Circle.

Drama Circles follow a similar structure to the game “I Have / Who Has”. These are fun and can be used to do drama, practice reading fluency, improve listening skills, or for cooperative learning. Each circle includes 40 cards, while the fairy tales one has 32. The cards are arranged in a specific order with each card carrying a different instruction. To perform their scenario, students gather in groups. After each student has finished acting out their card, the next person with the same sequence of cards starts acting out their card. This continues until all cards are acted.

This is a resource that contains:

Any Day Drama Circle

Winter Theme Drama Group

Sports Drama Circle

Circus Theme Theatre Circle

Pirate Theme Drama Circle

Superhero Drama Circle

Fairy Tale Drama Circle

*** This resource is also included in my HUGE 4th – 6th Grade Essentials Bundle containing 20 of my best classroom resources.

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I love your Drama Circles…I think I have all of them now. It took a few times for my elementary gifted students to really get it without a lot of prompting, but now they are pros and they love it! I took one of the sets of cards and underlined the “do” instructions with one color and the “say” instructions with another color to help them understand what to do. We do the activities several times (switching cards around) and sometimes time them to see how fast we can do them. Other times we recognize the most dramatic responses.

My students really enjoy these drama circles! They are fantastic for movement breaks, transitions, or just for a fun afternoon. Really well done and enjoyable! Highly recommend.


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