Earth Day Agamographs | Earth Day Activity | Fun for Kids, Easy for Teachers!

Earth Day Agamographs | Earth Day Activity | Fun for Kids, Easy for Teachers!

This can be used to teach 3rd – 6th grades, Homeschoolers.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages

My Earth Day Agamographs (My Earth Day) are unique, fun activities that make it easy to incorporate art in the classroom. The activities can be engaging for students and teachers. They also have high WOW! ratings. They are engaging for students, easy to use by teachers and have a high ‘Wow!’ factor. Although this was made for Earth Day, it can be used throughout the year. This resource is perfect for teaching recycling lessons.

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What exactly is an Agamograph, and how does it work? When you see it from different angles, a picture can transform into something else.

Although it’s difficult to put into words, it is easy to accomplish!

An image of Earth Day has been created by me. It transforms into a recycle symbol and another picture of rain drops, which turns into a tree.

The students enjoy the “wow” factor of this art activity. They did it all themselves, which is the best part!These are their words!

This activity can be used for an anticipatory set, or as the final project in your Earth Day unit. You will find it easier than you might think.

The images have already been “spliced” together and each space has been assigned a color. They are then folded and colored by the students. After the images are completed, students may walk across the image and see the changes in the final product.

This is a project often used by art teachers; however, I’ve taken out most of the “prep and mess” so that classroom teachers can find this useful and fun as well as art teachers. It can be used in conjunction with Earth Day activities.

To see the full preview, download it. Video 13 secondsThis is how the final product will look when it’s finished.

It is important to include:

Colored crayons, pencils, or markers in colors

blue, yellow and light blue.

-10” x 12” construction paper

Copier paper

-Ruler (as fine as possible).

Glue Sticks are the best.


Video (included).

Writing prompts are included

-Recycle symbol/Earth #1 (included).

-Water drops/tree design #2 (included)

The agamograph handout is included. -show at end

***Take it a step further***

How to create your very own agamograph

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Thank you for supporting my work and infusing your classroom with art!

Jenny K.


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I saw your item: Earth Day Activities, and I was captivated!

My students will be amazed at what they create and how it is displayed.

The extras: history behind the art, the writing prompts, the video clips, the teacher directions, the checklists, the student directions, the pictures of students working the project, and for the visual learners, and for me . . . the colorful visuals are the most needed element in seeing the final product.


This was a great activity! The students were so engaged and couldn’t wait to complete the it to see the finished product.


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