Ecosystem Project and Animal Research w Google Slides

Ecosystem Project and Animal Research w Google Slides

Can be used for 3rd – 5th, Homeschool
Mostly used with 5th students.

Includes: PDF, 55+

Take your Ecosystems and Biomes Unit to the next level with an Animal Research Project that can incorporate Project Based Learning! This resource allows students to select the topic of their research: animals, habitats, biomes or ecosystems. The Ecosystems research graphic planners will allow your students to create a mobile Museum that includes a research paper and slideshow presentation. They can also include a 2D/3D model of their organism or a mural/backdrop showing their ecosystem. This material gives students many opportunities to draw and create diagrams as well as detail information about ecosystems, habitats, species, and the chosen animal. Google Slides included for the Google Classroom Ecosystem Project!

Included in Ecosystems Project Based Learning:

23+ notebooking pages.

✔ Student research booklet pages focusing on:

– Habitats, Ecosystems, Biomes, and Abiotic and Biotic factors

✔ To develop an in-depth understanding of a specific organism, students research the organism’s:

– Niche (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore)

– Adaptations (physical and behavioral)

– Food chains and food webs specific to the organism’s environment

– Interactions with other organisms (symbiosis-parasitism, commensalism, mutualism)

✔ Extension Pages on the following topics:

– Comparing and contrasting two organisms

– Human Impact (positive and negative effects)

– Changes affecting the organism and it’s habitat over time

✔ Directions for a Project Based Learning component:

– Details and steps for implementing the research project as a project-based unit

– Photos of example projects

– Suggested driving questions

– Letter from the “museum” for launching the project (editable version included)

– Close-reading comprehension questions to accompany the letter (editable version included)

– Student requirements for the project (editable version included)

– Lists of organisms to research organized by biome

– Written student reflection for post-project (editable version included)

– Grading rubric (editable version included)

– List of potential resources for your students to use as they research

✔ A bonus file of cover-pages for each of the 50 States (US)

* Perfect if your standards require you to teach about your individual state’s ecosystems and habitats!

*Download the preview for full details on how I use the notebook sheets for lessons, research booklets, and to implement project-based learning.


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Buy This Resource in a Bundle and Save 20%:

Bundled in the Science Research Bundle Pack with:

Weather and Climate Meteorologist Handbook

Human Body Systems Student Research Booklet

Force and Motion Illustrated Dictionary

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I used this for writing during Extended School Year. It is great that it is project based and has all the graphic organizers. My students hate writing but this made it more engaging.

My students loved this resource! The bundle came with EVERYTHING you need. It broke down resources students could use and even included clipart for the picture sections. I used this with both my remote and in-person students and it worked wonderful! It was great to see students take charge of their learning!


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