EDITABLE Spanish Culture Through Music Latinoamerica | Digital or Print

EDITABLE Spanish Culture Through Music Latinoamerica | Digital or Print

It can be used to make the 9th – 12th
Most commonly used by 10th-grade students.

Included PDF and 9 pages

The Spanish Culture Lesson is editable now and can be used in digital and print environments. This resource can be used as a wonderful introduction to Spanish and will get students interested in the language from their first week. This activity is suitable for any level, including Spanish. There is no need to differentiate between high school Spanish classes and middle-school Spanish classes. These activities can be used as an introduction for students of Spanish through music.

Spanish Culture through Music: Lyrics & Activities for Calle 13 “Latinoamérica”

The multimedia-based cultural discussion and multilingual activities in this bundle will help your students learn Spanish or Latin American culture.

There are 9 pages you can edit in the resource. The PDF file is ready for printing. On the first page, you will see a link that allows you to make your editable copy in Google DriveTM. Google Drive allows you to edit all text and customize it for each class!

What is included?


1) Cover page, with a link to your editable/digital Google Drive TM version.

2) Teachers support page, my top tips and favourite discussion points

(3) Class discussion questions that focus on culture and values.

4. Additional language/cultural questions to be discussed or responded in writing

5) Lyrics, Spanish and English. Link to video

6) English and Spanish lyrics

7) Comprehension/cultural questions for students explore the culture within the video and lyrics

8) You can discuss the lyrics and give examples of powerful lines.

9) Higher level historical/cultural points that can be used in class discussions or as a webquest

You can use this as a means of learning the language, either in class the first few days or at any other time throughout the year.

Watch the video first (which can be found online and is visually engaging and creative) then listen to the lyrics. Students should then read the lyrics in Spanish or English during the second video. After the video is finished, students will be able to take some time to read the comprehension questions. They can also research any topic provided. The topics will encourage acceptance, open-mindedness and language learning.

** Please note ** There is no answer key included in this resources as each class discussion will be unique and different, and there is no wrong way to approach this lesson!

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Have an idea, suggestion or comment to improve this product?

Please send me an email [email protected] contact me.com. Would love to hear from your!

This activity was a hit with my students

As an introduction video to 6th-grade students, I used the following video. While they initially were nervous that I would be speaking in Spanish to them, they quickly became enthralled by the video. The video delighted both the 7th and 6th grades and they were able to see what Latin America looks like.


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