Educational Songs

Educational Songs

Can be used for 3rd – 5th
Mostly used with 3rd and 4th students.

Includes: PDF, 45 pages

Learning Through the Top 100


This GROWING BUNDLE includes 20 educational songs/chants written to the tune of popular music. Students will enjoy singing and learning.

As I add new songs, the price of this product will go up. Get this product now to lock in the current pricing.

Some songs can only be used in 4th grade. This bundle contains the following concepts. Do you have suggestions for grade levels? Email me.*


Main Idea – Nah to the Ah to the Main Idea

Text Structures – Text Structure Baby

Answering Questions – Hit the Quan

*Summarizing – We can Summarize!


Place Value – Place Value Rap

Adding Fractions – Solve It

Angles – We’re Straight Now

Area Model – It’s Time to Multiply

Decimals – Because I’m Learning

Area and Perimeter – Welcome to my House

*Area and Perimeter – On Fire

Factors and Multiples – Multiply



Writing Process – Taking my Time on my Plan


Rocks – We will Rock You


Looking Forward to a Good Day

It’s Gonna be a Good Day

*Let’s Do It

*Learn, Learn, Learn



*Brand New Day

*Let’s Get Up



We will provide evidence

Also provided:

Directions on how to teach songs in your classroom

Anchor Charts (check out the preview to view which songs come with anchor charts)

Please be aware these songs have been written to popular songs.

The sheet music is not included. This packet does not include audio versions of the songs.

Check out our morning song here:

You rock! I only ask for you to provide a link to each song on youtube with your class singing the lyrics. It can sometimes be hard to find the right answer without it.

This resource fools the kids into thinking I’m super cool!


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