Elementary Music Sub Plans Bundle with Games

Elementary Music Sub Plans Bundle with Games

It can be used by PreK-6th grade students.

Includes: PDF, 387 pages plus 14 mp3 recordings

Subplans for Elementary Music: These are your “Sub Survival Box” where music teachers will feel at ease leaving subs with no experience in teaching music. They may also not be able sing or play music.

This is the complete set:

1. Pages from the EDITABLE sub-binder

You can also find pages that you can type in

– Daily schedule for your day (on a separate page each day)


– Drills/Emergencies

Technology available (and space to show how it works)

You can find the materials you need (pencils or boards to write on crayons etc.).

– Substitutes Singing Games: List by Grade Level the songs that students can sing with a student leader.

You can list students who are willing to take on rhythm, singing, or other activities as student leaders. If your sub isn’t musically inclined, you can ask them to do so.

Editable Seating Diagram

2. For subs, you can print feedback forms to complete

Today, we achieved …. (by Grade Level)

Helpful students

Students/Behavior Problems

3. EDITABLE Book List

This editable book list contains titles and authors as well as links to places where it can be purchased if you don’t have the library. It also includes suggested grades, concepts, and other information. This section consists mainly of books that can either be heard or have a CD. My subs have difficulty singing to children’s books, as I found. Some songs for kindergarten and preschool could be sung. However, they are familiar with children’s song lyrics.

4. 4.

Sometimes, a video is best for certain sub-subjects and situations. Here is the video with the title, purchase information, recommended grade levels, and how they can be used to teach.

5. Fourteen singing games – instructions and lyrics

My students love it when I leave them singing songs that they have learned in class. By doing this, my students continue to practice and prepare the concepts that they are learning.

File folder with MP3s of me singing my favorite songs for 14 kids. They don’t get too loud that it makes it difficult to leave the room without a sub. These are not studio recordings. They are simply a cappella. These will help your sub understand the song, or students to get the song started in the right key. They may also help you remember it if they are unfamiliar with the song.

The songs I included in mp3s had lyrics. However, they did not have sheet music. They also got game directions and instructions so that my subs would know what to do.

This section does not have the purpose to teach a class new games. If you are leaving a singing game to a sub, it is important that they know the basics of how to use it. It is necessary to indicate which grades can participate in which singing games.


Apple Tree

Big Fat Biscuit

– Bobby Shafto

Bounce High and Bounce Low

The Button That You Have to Wander

Closet Key

– Doggie, Doggie

Grizzly Bear

Gypsy by the Moonlight

Let Us Chase the Squirrel

Iron Road Long and Hard

Lucy Locket

Hot Pease Porridge

– Who Is Tapping in My Window?

6. Five Lessons in Children’s Literature with Extensions

A short lesson plan where the subreads the book and digs deeper by doing some review, brainstorming, writing, and drawing. afterwards.

Used books:

– “Never Play Music Next to the Zoo.”

“Vivaldi’s Four Seasons”

– “What a Wonderful World!”

– “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

– “Carnival of the Animals”.

7. Bundle, I Have(Reg. (Reg.

All my rhythm and melody games from “I Have, Who Has”, in one bundle

8. Bundle Post OfficeRegister (11)

All my rhythm and melody games for “Post Office”.

9. Telephone Rhythm Games Bundle

Register. (Reg.

All my rhythm games for the “Telephone”, in one bundle

Take note: Some sections will require some work to put together. You can print the materials, make a CD with the MP3’s, and complete the editable pages. But once everything is in place, you won’t need to worry about what to do if your kids get sick. You may not want to print this and take it with you unless your children are familiar with the song games or you have plenty of books. However, once you get the book assembled it will be something that you’ll use for many years.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me before purchase at [email protected]

If you’ve already bought any rhythm games and would like to buy this bundle please send me an email. I will issue store credits towards another item. OR another option is to purchase the “Sub Survival Tub {Without Games}” this is the exact same file as this one EXCEPT that it does NOT include any of the “I Have, Who Has”, “Post Office” or “Telephone” games. You can find it here Music Sub Plans Bundle {Without Games}

Additional licenses can be purchased at 50% off. Please purchase additional licenses if this file is of interest to you. Or, share the costs with a friend.

It takes out the headache of creating sub-plans! Pre-made recordings are great because my voice doesn’t sound the best when recording my own voices. I am grateful for your help!

You are a fantastic resource. Finally, I have plans for a sub that will follow. It didn’t make sense to me that “The sub required us to watch_____.” You are very kind!


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