Elementary Music Sub Plans for the Non-Music Sub {Set 1}

Elementary Music Sub Plans for the Non-Music Sub {Set 1}

It can be used to teach K-5th.

Includes PDF and 89 pages

Are you looking for Elementary music subplans to use in your music class? The Elementary music subplans include lesson plans ready to be used by any substitute teacher. These Elementary music subplans provide enough planning for two weeks so you can take a day off without worrying about creating lesson plans.

You can reduce stress and anxiety during a family member’s illness by knowing you have elementary music subplans that any sub can implement confidently!

These Sub-Plans for Elementary Music Include:

  • Twelve lesson plans, each covering multiple grade levels. Some of the lesson titles are: “Apple Tree Stations,” “Be a Composer,” “Carnival of the Animals,” “Instrument Stations,” “Music Fortune Teller,” and “My Favorite Piece of Music.” Lessons include:
    • 3 Kindergarten
    • 4 First Grade
    • 4 Second Grade
    • 5 Third Grade
    • 4 4th Grade
    • 5. 5th Grade
  • Lesson materials (mp3’s, slideshows, worksheets, & more!)
  • Checklist for Sub-Plans
  • Sub Plan Lesson Template
  • Editable Sub Tub information packet
  • “Notes from the Sub” Printable

The following lesson concepts are available: listening, composition and loud/quiet.

**Please note: some of the lesson plans require copyrighted materials (e.g. books, songs, etc.)

Check out these reviews.

❣️Thank you! Finding activities to entertain my children without them having to watch music has been a struggle. It’s so much more fun than making my children watch Lomax the Hound or Fantasia every day. It’s a great way to entertain them but doesn’t accomplish much. These are so exciting to go in my subfolders!

❣️They are simply amazing. It feels great to be able leave subplans my sub can easily teach.

❣️This saves me SO MUCH time when I get ready to sub for school before it starts this year. It’s never been easier!

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Fantastic plans for subs! These were great and I used them already. It was so nice to see that they would benefit my music education, not just for playing video games.
We are grateful!
Which software are you using to create your products? These are so adorable!

This was a lifesaver as I had to leave my children for medical reasons and have now been reunited with them.
Finally, I had a lesson my sub (who was not a musician) could actually teach that didn’t involve a movie. My (superb) sub was confident teaching a musical lesson! It was the most wonderful feeling. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resource.


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