Elements of Art : 9 Printable Exercises – For Visual Art.

Elements of Art : 9 Printable Exercises - For Visual Art.

It can be used by 2nd – 8th-grade Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 18 pages

These 9 exercises cover the entire ART language used in primary school. 9 sheets of reproducible material for you and your students. You can use each sheet to illustrate the ART concepts. They can be used for evaluation or enrichment. It is a good idea to have a colour response sheet for every exercise. Your courses will be fun and complete.

  • Symmetry, assymetry
  • Perspective with: Overlapping, smaller at the distance
  • Both warm and cool colors
  • Secondary and primary colors
  • 2D Shapes
  • Alternation and repetition
  • Lines: Thin, thick, horizontal, diagonal. Zig-zag. Spiral. Curly. Straight
  • Designs
  • Textures
  • Color mixing

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This resource was used with my face-to-face and virtual children. Both the video and I demonstrated how it worked. The students each made one piece. Halfway through, each student will have completed a mini-piece. At the end of each piece each student will use their “fancy alphabeting” skills to identify and describe each element.

These pages are amazing. I also followed up on a review that I found here in order to include a video of the element in my lesson. This was something I really enjoyed, even though I have no art experience.


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