Elements of Art Notes and Worksheets

Elements of Art Notes and Worksheets

It can be used to help 2nd – 5th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 16 Pages

These worksheets can be used to support your art lessons.

Black-and-white worksheets are available to print and copy for students’ notes. Students will need to make additional notes on worksheets (drawing lines and shading colors), in order to complete a color wheel.

After explaining each element, take photos of several pieces of artwork. Ask students to look at artwork and identify the elements.

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  • It was a great resource when I started my school year learning about the different elements of art. Students were able to review each element and make connections with it. Many thanks! – Deborah H.
  • Thank you! I appreciate your sharing this information and for saving me so much time. Krista J.
  • It is a very useful resource. This tool has helped me many times. Lisa B.
  • Daniel C., a teacher who isn’t artistic and has compiled a useful resource.
  • It is a great resource that I have been using in my first through sixth grade art class. This book has many great ideas that can be used in conjunction with the notes, to encourage students to explore the elements and to create them. – Machandra S.
  • Excellent and simple to understand ideas. The class loves the examples and activities! Jill C.

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Each element has a accompanying practice sheet with an art activity. My students have been very engaged so far and it’s a great way to get them thinking about all of the elements of art around us!

When I started teaching co-op homeschool grades 1 through 6, it was everything that I wanted. It could be used at any grade.


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