Elements of Dance and Dances Through Decades Bundle!

Elements of Dance and Dances Through Decades Bundle!

Can be used for 5th – 8th students.

Includes: PDF,

This bundle includes the Elements of Dance lesson and assignment as well as the research assignment Dances Through Decades.

Elements of Dance Package – There are two parts to the package.

Part 1: Elements of Dance. This part will take between 1-3 minutes and a few more depending on how large your class is.  It covers the elements of dance as per the Ontario Curriculum and includes a few videos for students to watch to help them understand.

Part 2: Elements Of Dance – Responding to and Watching Assignment (1-3 Days).  Students will be required to watch and respond to a series of videos that showcase elements of dance.  Part 1 will show you how to do this assignment.

Dances Through Decades

This assignment is used after students have learned about the Elements of Dance.  As well, we have also done a number of activities and assignments where students have been required to write about dances they’ve viewed.

It includes

  • Note from me
  • Assignment sheet
  • Three versions of the graphic organizer
  • Rubric


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