Elements of Dance: So You Think You Can Dance Unit for Grades 5-8

Elements of Dance: So You Think You Can Dance Unit for Grades 5-8

This can be used by 5th-8th grade students.

Included: PDF, 18 Pages

Even if you have never danced before, it is possible to teach dance elements effectively in person and remotely. – The French version of this dance group is also available.

Teaching dance in schools is difficult because most of the teachers are not familiar with the subject. The choreographer and dancer who created this unit of dance is also the author. Especially for teachers who are not dancers

It is designed to allow teachers with no dance experience to still deliver a high-quality unit that meets curriculum standards. It uses YouTube videos to provide a large quantity of samples of different styles of dance, and uses detailed questioning & discussion guides as well as journalling to guide students towards meaningful analysis. You will need to be able to view the videos with your students using a projector or smartboard.

Each lesson features one of six elements of dancing and each style. Each lesson includes discussion questions and journaling worksheets. A link is provided to a YouTube video that shows a fundamental element of the style.

To make the lessons as accessible and as high interest to students as possible, I have used clips from the “So You Think You Can Dance” television show. As these videos display dance in a manner that is current and recognizable, it should help students to “buy in” more easily.

*NOTE*:This unit was designed for students in multiple grade levels who might not have had the opportunity to receive quality instruction in dance during their primary years. The unit covers all elements of dance in a generalized manner so students who have no previous knowledge can easily use it. To address specific elements of each grade’s components, you can simply adapt the conversation and vocabulary to the level of your teaching.

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I loved the variety of activities and projects that were included with this package. All the videos and lessons were engaging for them! We are grateful!

This is so awesome! It was hard for me to teach dance virtually this year because I had so many students with no cameras. How to properly teach and evaluate them was the hardest part. It saved my life! This is a great unit! It’s easy to understand and fun. We are grateful!


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