Elements of Dance Video Lessons (Growing Bundle)

Elements of Dance Video Lessons (Growing Bundle)

It can be used to teach 4th-8th grades.

Included: PDF

**Growing Bundle** The completed bundle will include instructional videos for all 6 elements of dance. Buy now and lock in the lowest prices

Teachers are often asked to teach dance, but most have little or no dance experience. These resources were created by an ex-competitive dancer and teacher who also teach in the classroom. They will help teachers to enhance their dance instruction.

These videos explain each aspect of dance in an entertaining “doodle” format. The videos include prompts for discussion and the accompanying lesson & handouts provide opportunities for students to practice the concept. You will also find a transcript to the video in your lesson package.

The following items are included in the packaging:

  • 2 instructional videos (approx 3 min each) -> completed product will have 6 videos
  • Each one has a video transcript
  • Lesson outline
  • student handouts
  • Extension ideas for both analysis & performance

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We are grateful that you share your passion.

It is very easy to use. It was easy to make and they knew what to expect when using it. This is a great find. Many thanks!


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