Elements of Drama Bingo Game | Vocabulary Posters

Can be used for 3rd – 5th
Mostly used with 5th students.

Includes: PDF,


Study drama vocabulary with a word search, bingo game, assessment, and mini-posters. Students create their own bingo cards either by writing or by cutting out and attaching 24 choices onto a blank bingo card, or you can print and play using 24 pre-made bingo cards. Fun extras include a word search, vocabulary printable, short quiz, and mini-posters for a drama bulletin board. Great test prep, too!

This game includes vocabulary from the new ELAR TEKS for upper elementary.

The following items are included:

• Write-the-words card (1 page)

• Blank bingo card (1 page)

• Choose-and-cut card with 30 vocabulary choices (1 page)

• 24 pre-made bingo cards, 2-per-page (12 pages)

• 30 calling cards with drama terms and definitions (4 pages)

• Vocabulary printable (1 page)

• Bingo in the Classroom ideas (1 page)

• Vocabulary quiz (1 page)

• Quiz answer key (1 page)

• Drama Word Search (1 page)

• Drama Word Search answer key (1 page)

• 30 drama vocabulary mini-posters, in color (15 pages)

• TOU & Credits (1 page)


act, actor, audience, cast, characters, character tag, conflict, costume, cue, dialogue, director, drama, lead, narrator, opening night, performance, playwright, plot, props, rehearsal, resolution, role, scene, script, set, setting, stage, stage directions, theater, theme

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My students loved this! They ask to play Bingo all the time now and have learnt their vocab words without realising. Thank you for sharing!

Loved using this with my students.
Extended them by calling the description rather than the word and it made for a fun variation


Drama · Reading · Vocabulary

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