Emoji Agamographs + Writing Prompts | Fun Anytime of the Year Activity!

Emoji Agamographs + Writing Prompts | Fun Anytime of the Year Activity!

Can be used for 3rd – 8th, Homeschool
Mostly used with 3rd and 4th students.

Includes: PDF, 40 pages

This set of my unique agamographs includes emojis that students will absolutely love. I have created four emojis agamographs using eight expressions.

Also included are writing materials to support:

  • narrative writing
  • descriptive writing
  • expository writing
  • persuasive writing

See all details below, and please see the preview for complete information about this resource. ***I strongly recommend this for grades 3 and above***(If you want to do agamograph with your students and work with children below grades 3, I recommend my 3-way agamograph collaborative posters).

Agamographs are fun and contemporary activities to easily integrate art into your classroom. There is a huge “wow factor” in this art activity—students love the surprise. They did it all themselves!

Kids LOVE emojis. I also have emoji math pages and emoji coloring pages in my interactive and pattern-filled style.

This is a unique lesson created by Art with Jenny K.

What’s an Agamograph? When you look at a picture from a different angle, it transforms into another one.

The resource I created makes it difficult to say, but simple to do.


Absolutely everything you need (besides some basic supplies) is included:

  • handouts
  • written instruction for the teacher
  • written instructions for students
  • quick checklists
  • A video breaking down the whole process.
  • Writing Activities
  • Agamograph pages (2 pages per design–4 designs included).

Let me teach you with this video.

Possible ways to use this project:

  • As the anticipatory set of an upcoming writing unit.
  • As the last project in a unit.
  • To help facilitate discussions surrounding emotions. For a memorable and unforgettable integration of art with a discussion about the history of written language, you can use this project by itself.
  • This project can be used as a creative outlet by your students.

The images have already been “spliced” together, and each space has been assigned a color. The images are colored and folded by students. Students can then walk around the image and see the changes in the images.

Many art teachers use agamographs. However, I’ve taken out most of the “prep and mess” so classroom teachers can also use this project in their classrooms. My agamographs leave a lasting impression on both the children and the school community. These agamographs give children the opportunity to tell their story and show them how they made them.

Basic supplies needed:

• Colored pencils, crayons, or markers in these colors: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and black.

• 9” x 12” construction paper (this could vary).

• Copy paper

• Ruler (as thin as possible)

• Glue (glue sticks are best)

• Scissors

My other Agamographs:

My 3-Way Agamographs HERE.


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Thank you for supporting my work and infusing your classroom with art!

Jenny K.


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