Emotion Trees Art lesson/Gustav Klimt (SEL)

Emotion Trees Art lesson/Gustav Klimt (SEL)

It can be used to help 4th-11th graders.

Included: 1 page PDF

Art History Art Lesson: Gustav Klimt, Trees with Symbolic Empathy and Gustav Klimt

The lesson can either be combined with a writing assignment, or it can stand on its own. Art Analysis, Art Elements, and Principles of Design can be used to assist the Art Educator.

Meet state and national Common Core Standards

This lesson introduces Gustav Klimt’s Art and emotions using trees as their subject.

They will first learn the meanings and colors of each color and then think about how to communicate their emotions. The lesson will end with the creation of a sketch that depicts a sad, happy and mad tree. The lesson includes several examples.

This lesson, which is student-directed, can also be included in the student art portfolio.

I loved this resource. It was very simple to use.

Use this activity with a student with ASD spectrum, who is not verbal but has a love for art. The tree activity was expanded so the drawing were on canvas in multi-media.


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