End of the Year Awards Your Students Can Color! (Grades 3-6)

End of the Year Awards Your Students Can Color! (Grades 3-6)

This can be used by 3rd-6th grade students.

Included: PDF, 65 pages and slide

You will be proud of your students when they receive awards that can be colored by them! There are 65 award options to choose from, so you’re sure to have one that suits your student. There are 65 award options to choose from, so you’re sure to have one that suits your student. Each award is based on academic achievements or character traits. Students who are not selected for an award will not be able to use superlatives, such as best, most, or greatest, in order to protect their feelings. ​There is also an editable PowerPoint version so you can create your own!

A PowerPoint template is included to allow you to create your own. Title and description can be edited. The colorable frame is the same for all the awards so no student will feel that he or she got a frame that is not as good as a classmate’s.

Distance learningYou can find this link:

Zoom to host your awards ceremony

Google Slides

Google Slides added May 21, 2020

Google Slides allows you to include the names of your students and distribute via Google Classroom. Your students will need to still print the certificates to color them.

Adobe PDFs

You will have to either send each student a printed copy of the award or send them digital PDFs. Students need the hardcopy in color. Your snipping tool can be used to capture a single page that you want to email to your student. This article also outlines how to do it. Video clip


This version has smaller areas to color and is best for students older than ten. Try this simpler version, which has larger spaces. For grades 1-3, Colorable Student Awards


Here are the following Awards:

SUPER HELPER: Always willing to lend an ear.

KINDNESS COUNTS: Being kind to all.

The heart of gold: finding the best in each person.

GLASS HALF FULL: Staying positive, even in the face of difficult situations

ATTITUDE IS ALL: Always keep a positive mindset

MANNERS MATTTER: Always being polite and considerate.

A TERRIFIC PLAYER IN TEAM: Working well with other people and making group work enjoyable.

FABULOUS FRIEND is a friend who’s extra special.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY – Being friend to everyone.

AWAY FROM THE BOX: Always coming up with creative and new ideas.

Creativity is a way to bring creativity into all you do.

Never give up: Keep going until the job’s done.

BACK ON YOUR HORSE: Overcoming obstacles and refusing to give up.

RAY OF SOUND: Spread joy and happiness around the world.

ALWAYS HONEST: always telling the truth, even when it’s hard.

EXTRAORDINARY ENTHUSISM: Jumping into everything that comes your way.

GIVE IT a TRY: Being open-minded to new ideas.

SUPER SPORTSMANSHIP is being a great sport, no matter how you do it.

FAIR and square: Ensuring that everyone is treated with respect.

SUPER CITIZENSHIP – Being an outstanding member of the classroom community.

Class Cheerleader: encouraging others to achieve success.

TRULY TRUSTWORTHY – Someone we trust and can rely upon.

SPARKLING CONVERSATION – Always having something to say.

Sharing is caring: giving your time and energy to help others.

A lot of curiosity: Asking questions to find out everything.

WISE OWL – Making smart decisions and providing good advice

GIGLES and GRINS are guaranteed to make everyone smile.

PEACEMAKER – Helping people to find solutions and work together.

LEADER OF The PACK: Being an outstanding leader.

IT TAKES COURAGE: being brave.

For showing remarkable improvement, LEAPS and BOUNDS

PROBLEM SOLVER: Creative solutions for problems

LISTENING EAR: being an excellent listener.

ALL STAR ATHLETE: For excellence in sport.

The OUTSTANDING ORGANIZER: Everything in its rightful place

Future MOVIE STAR: Acting and dramatic talent.

SENSATIONAL STORYTELLER – telling entertaining and inspiring stories.

Star Singer: Always sharing a song.

The CLASS EXPERT: Everything you need to know about ____________.

ALWAYS PREPARED: Always have what you need, and be prepared.

Eternal Energy: Never running out of energy.

The quiet entrepreneur: getting the job done quietly and making a positive impact.

HOMEWORK HERO: Complete your homework every time.

Class Ecologist: For taking care of the planet.

FUTURE VETERINARIAN : Caring deeply about non-human animals.

The ONE and Only: Your unique, personal spin on all things.

EXCEPTIONAL OBSERVER: You are able to see details in detail and notice things others don’t.

BRILLIANT BEHAVIOR – Always following instructions and trying your best.

ALL-STAR ATTENDANCE : This is a flawless attendance record.

TECHGENIUS: Knowledge and understanding about technology.

TRIVIA MASTER: For sharing and learning fun facts and other interesting tidbits.

MATH WHIZ: excellent work in mathematics.

READING ROCKSTAR is reading, reading and more reading

LANGUAGE ARTS HERO: Excellence in Language Arts.

VAST VOCABULARY is the ability to know and use a variety of words.

SPLENDID SPELLER: Excellence in spelling

RESEARCH ROCKSTAR: excellent research skills.

FUTURE Editor: Revision and editing excellence.

ASPIRING AUTOR: Excellence in writing.

SPEEDY KEYBOARDER – Fast and precise typing

SPLENDID SCRIPT – neat, well-formed handwriting.

Future Scientist: Devotion to scientific excellence.

Social Studies STAR: Excellence in social studies

AMAZING ARTIST: Creating beautiful, inspiring art.

MAGNIFICENT MUSICIAN: For excellence in music.


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