Exploring Famous Artists – Art Unit

Exploring Famous Artists - Art Unit

It can be used to make 5th-10th grade.
This is a popular choice for 7th-8th graders.

Included: PDF, 18 Pages

This art unit is fun and independent and can be used with intermediate and junior students. Art History is often the most difficult unit to teach my students. This unit was created originally for distance learners, but it is loved by students in the classroom.

The students are given a basic understanding of the history of art and its periods. Next, they will choose an artist to study and create art that reflects their chosen artist’s style.

  • Students in Junior or Intermediate Grades will find this course useful
  • You can use any art material
  • Strategic artist selection can make it possible for students of all skill levels to succeed
  • Both Art History and Creating Art Education Expectations are met
  • Unit very independent
  • You will also find success criteria


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This unit was well thought-out and organized.

This was something I did with my children during their virtual learning. The students had the option to choose an artist that they wanted to emulate, which made them a lot more successful. The lockdown allowed them to use all materials, which made it even more important.


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