Expressions & Emotions Drawing Reference | Grades K-5

Expressions & Emotions Drawing Reference | Grades K-5

It can be used to teach K – 5th grades.

Included: PDF, N/A

You can use this fun drawing image to help your student add expressions or emotions to their portraits.


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You feel as if you were taken. It doesn’t matter how many pages it is. But I doubt it is only one page. I don’t think this resource has the right emotions or facial expressions to represent a wide range of emotions. The page has only one face. Perhaps I wanted to be able to refer it as a reference. It would have to contain a variety of expressions which would allow me an understanding of what was being said. This isn’t a list of faces that are in any particular order. Also, these examples may not be complete heads.

As my homeschool year begins, I’m looking forward to this tool. This will allow my extremely artistic kids to create emotions and learn more about their feelings. We are grateful.


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