Facebook Artist, Fun Art History Research and Studio Extension

Facebook Artist, Fun Art History Research and Studio Extension

It can be used to teach 7th – 12th grades, Homeschoolers.

Includes PDF and 12 pages

The students will enjoy creating a Facebook fan page for an artist. One of my favorite assignments is this one! This assignment can be used by high school students and upper middle-schoolers.

The following handouts can be found in this series:

* A culturally diverse list of famous painters (though you can use any type of artist you’d like, make sure to screen the list of painters for age-appropriateness before giving it to your students). A PDF file and an editable Word document.

*Directions for researching and completing the Facebook page (English and Spanish version. While my Spanish proficiency is limited, it has been used with many Spanish-speaking students.

*PDF and editable Word doc of the blank Facebook page. Students can either print the images, add text to the document, or edit the file on their computer.

*A PDF of a Van Gogh Facebook page (to use as an example)

*Directions for a studio/art-making extension on this unit. This worksheet is a wonderful way to help students apply what they have learned and grow as artists (it’s not based on the work of an original artist). You have two options for this worksheet.

*Grading rubric, out of 150 points (including studio extension)

This is a great way to bring art history alive in an exciting and current way.

It’s a wonderful resource. Many thanks!

It was very enjoyable for my students in high school. It was an interesting change to the usual powerpoint presentations. The students came up with some great status updates. My students are both in person and virtual. The only problem was the Facebook template that I used to create my Facebook page did not convert well into a Google Doc. All Google is used in my school and all students use Chromebooks. Some of my students were very hardworking and figured out how Google Slides could insert the image. However, many chose to glue the images onto a template printed on paper.


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