FAMILY MATH NIGHT: Pom-pom Pointillism Collaborative Project

FAMILY MATH NIGHT:  Pom-pom Pointillism Collaborative Project

It can be used by PreK-6th grade students.

Includes PDF and 26 pages

This hands-on, collaborative project will get kids interested in math. The project is most commonly done at Family Math Night. However, it could also be carried out in the classroom. This is the best thing about it: each participant is included in the final product.

Participating participants will use colorful pompoms to map coordinates onto the coordinate grid. A mystery picture will emerge as the points are mapped.

This lesson plan contains the following:

• list of materials needed

• mathematical background

• artistic background

• mathematical vocabulary

• Pom-pom Pointillism Collaborative Project table tent

• Project A, Project B, and Project C table tents

• Project A activity cards

• Project B activity cards

• Project C activity cards

• Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced table tents

• Pom-pom Pointillism Plotting Points table tent

• link to the video version of the lesson

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Get 16 lesson plans for $25…a savings of $15! (Does not include Fraction Quilt, Fish Bowl, Rose Window, Tile Art, or Space Invaders.)

STEAM and Family Math Night Collaborative Project Bundle

If you’re interested in other ideas for your Family Math Night events, I have a lot of them! Check out my blog, pinterest page, website or YouTube Channel. And if you have questions, let me know!

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Wishing you a successful Family Math Night event!


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