Famous Artist Posters Bundle #1

Famous Artist Posters Bundle #1

It can be used as a homeschool, K-8th grade.
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and Third grade students.

Includes PDF and 11 pages

The set includes 10 posters featuring images from each artist as well as biographical information and brief details about the artists. This poster can be displayed in an art area, bulletin board or hallway. Students will learn more about the artists by looking at them as they walk down the hall.

You will receive these posters as a DIGITAL FILES and they can be scaled to set sizes of 18 x 24 and 16 x 20, respectively. These posters can be printed on large poster printers or regular-sized papers on smaller printers.

The posters include the following artists:

Vincent Van Gogh

Leonardo da Vinci

Edvard Munch

Claude Monet

Mary Cassatt

Wassily Kandinsky

Guiseppe Arocimboldo

Henri Rousseau

Marc Chagall

Edgar Degas

For artist posters, go to Here. You will need to note that they are only available in 18×24 inches if purchased individually.

Famous Artist Posters

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This is what I choose to post in my class.

This is what I choose to post in my class.


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