Famous Artists {6 Famous Artists Art Lessons}

Famous Artists {6 Famous Artists Art Lessons}

This can be used by 1st through 4th grade students.

Included: PDF, 78 Pages

Every year, this art unit is a huge hit! They love to learn about artistic styles and are eagerly awaiting the next activity! To give children more variety, I chose six artists that have distinct styles.

This package includes the following activities:

(1) Piet Mondrian

(2) Joseph Stella

(3) Thomas Gainsborough

(4) Georges Seurat

Paul Gauguin (5)

(6) Lorenzo Ghiberti

Each artist has a short write up about them, some examples of their work, and an activity to follow that matches the style. For each activity, I provided clear instructions that are easy to understand. It requires very little preparation and almost no set up.

A booklet is made for students’ work. Ten sheets of construction paper are used in the total. I use 2 colored pages for the front and back covers and 8 black inside pages {black shows the art work better}. Students can color the title page, and then glue it to the booklet’s front. I’ve included an About The Artist page that students can complete. This page will be adhered to the first page. A My Favorite Artist Is Page will be adhered to the final black page.

This pack includes everything you will need to create a meaningful art unit. You don’t have to do any of the hard work – I did it all for you.

This unit has been a huge success with students from grades 1 through 3.

You can see student examples and give students an example of each activity.

You can also check my 2 other units if you’re looking for art units.

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Last updated: April 9, 2014.

These were a huge hit with my students who attended the self-contained classroom. These were great for SEL or leisure. The children learned about the artist, and they had fun creating different styles of art.

It was extremely informative. The students also found the different media very fascinating. In addition to the artist profiles and samples, I also used video footage of each artist. It was remarkable to witness the young minds engage with art topics.


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