Famous Artists | Classroom Posters | Vol. 3

Famous Artists | Classroom Posters | Vol. 3

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Included: PDF. n/a

Sherald, Wiley, Matisse, Britto, Stark & Lawrence. This is just a small selection. More A set of modern and clean classroom posters featuring some of the most well-known and recognized artists in the world is now available. The posters can be hung in your art room, on a bulletin board or in the hallway. A desktop wallpaper was also included for four different sizes screens.


You can print this poster set in 6 different full-color digital files. These posters can be printed at a local print shop or on your personal color printer to a size of 8.5×11″.

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These are great for my classroom. They are all my favorite!

They are very appealing to me visually. These artists come from many backgrounds and have different messages. Colors and symbols are used to show the artist’s personality. They also encourage the viewer to continue investigating. I am going to use this as an interactive tool and post QR code’s to link to gallery info! I am so grateful for your amazing content.


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