Famous Artists Reading Comprehension Worksheet Informational Text Art History

Famous Artists Reading Comprehension Worksheet Informational Text Art History

It can be used to teach 5th through 7th grade, Homeschool students.

Included: PDF

Below are brief biographies about some of the most famous artists included in this reading comprehension worksheet package. Each includes comprehension questions. You can view previews and more information in the individual listings. These listings are ideal for quick assignments that require little to no preparation. You can print these and get on with your work! These PDFs are not editable.

This includes:

*Andy Warhol

*Claude Monet

*Edvard Munch

*Georgia O’Keeffe

*Henri Matisse

*Jackson Pollock

*Leonardo da Vinci





*Vincent van Gogh


*Edgar Degas

*Mary Cassatt

*Frida Kahlo

*Gustav Klimt

*Salvador Dali

*Wassily Kandinsky

*Rene Magritte

*John James Audubon

Each listing contains specifics as well as previews.

*If you don’t already, Follow Me

These were easy for my son to do and he did a great job. His art skills are not his strongest and he has struggled with reading comprehension and ADHD. It was so great that we bought more bundles at Teaching to The Middle Science Geography Maps Vocabulary History.You can!
Our favorite thing about Teaching to the Middle is:This is what we love!

I find this resource a wonderful addition to middle school classes! My school requires reading to be integrated in all subjects. This artist study helps my students greatly with reading comprehension.


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