Fast Finisher Activities | Early Finishers Activities Bundle

Fast Finisher Activities | Early Finishers Activities Bundle

It can be used to make K – 2nd
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and First-Grade students.

Included: PDF, 115 Pages

We all have those students in our class that get their work done quickly and come running, saying “TEACHER! I’M DONE!!” So how do you make sure they stay on task when they’re done with their work? Your classroom should have a quick finishing station!

You will find engaging activities to help your students develop important skills that they’ll love. You will find over 30 quick finisher ideas in this bundle from my Fast Finisher Activities {Set One}And Fast Finisher Activities {Set Two}It is important to. When your students are finished, they will still have something to do.

What are the included features?

You will find the following:

  • Useful suggestions and directions.
  • 30 labels for glueing onto jumbo craft sticks or plastic drawers.
  • There are 94 record sheets that you can use all year. These recording sheets have been divided according to the specific needs of each student.

These record sheets combine reading, writing and math activities. You will find a variety of activities that are both simple and challenging at the beginning of each year. These activities can all be done independently after some teaching and modeling. This allows the teacher to spend more time with students who might need it.

Get One

  • Create a mini book
  • Comment from the reader
  • Story writing
  • Write a letter
  • Take Notes
  • Silly Sentences
  • Spelling/Sight Word Practice
  • You can make a list
  • Draw & Label
  • Draw with shapes
  • Math Practice {with flashcards and dice}
  • Writing Numbers {1-10, 1-20, 1-100, and 1-120}
  • Craft a project
  • Hear a story
  • Use playdoh to make words
  • Building a house
  • Make a drawing
  • Puzzles are fun to solve.

Set two:

  • Complete the picture
  • Word Detective
  • Make the room your own
  • Make a sticker story
  • Search for a word
  • Draw and Scribe
  • Create a list
  • You can stamp a word
  • Draw a graph
  • Create a map
  • Make a fresh story
  • Problems in Math

Take a look at these tools for classroom management:

Pictures Directions Cards

Song in Kindergarten

⭐””>TransitionTask Cards

Mystery Word Cards

This is a great resource that I found for my young finishers. It keeps them interested and engaged in academic activities after they have completed the must-do activities. Many thanks!

It’s great to have these options for those who aren’t yet done. They can engage and reinforce the standards.


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