Father’s Day Craft ~Frame & Card~ Versions for Dad, G’pa, Uncle & Brother!

Father's Day Craft ~Frame & Card~ Versions for Dad, G'pa, Uncle & Brother!

It can be used to teach PreK-First, and Homeschool students.

Also includes: PDF and 32 pages

Father’s Day

Father’s Day Craft

Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day approaches! You need a simple and cute craft that your students can make for Father’s Day.

Most likely, your children love to construct… get them involved by building a frame that is filled with tools and with a header that reads ‘I couldn’t have built better Dad!

Keep it simple with a sawcard that reads “Hands Down, You are the Best Father I Ever Saw!”

This pack comes with templates for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother & Special Man to suit the different needs and family dynamics of students in your class! This pack includes frame with ‘June’ or ‘September’ for the various Father’s Day celebrations, and also a blank date version to suit ‘Special Man’.

Choose from black & white or full color options, as well!

The Pack includes:

*Directions and Photo of completed Frame & Card

*5 B&W versions of frame (1 for Dad, 1 for Grandpa, 1 for Uncle, 1 for Brother, 1 for Special Man)

*5 color versions of the frame (1 for Dad, 1 for Grandpa, 1 for Uncle, 1 for Brother, 1 for Special Man)

*5 Versions of card (1 for Dad, 1 for Grandpa, 1 for Uncle, 1 for Brother, 1 for Special Man)

*added 7/18/18- frames for all listed above with ‘September’ rather than ‘June’ for buyers who live in Australia and celebrate Father’s Day in September instead of June

*added 2/22/20- frame for ‘Special Man’ for both June & September, as well as a blank dated version

It’s super simple! Father’s Day is always the last week in school. I’m used to it so I understand how difficult it can be to fit something else into my schedule. This craft has been a favorite of mine for many years.

You can take pictures of students with construction vests, vests and/or tools. Both pictures can be used to match the “theme” of the frame

For a family-friendly activity, invite your Grandpas, Uncles, and Dads to join you (maybe block stations?). Then, give them their gifts and cards.

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Happy Father’s Day Craft & Card Fun!

It’s great to have more choices for my kids without having to be with a dad.

To make a Father’s Day card, I used it with my son. The card turned out adorable and my husband keeps it at work. It’s so cute!


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