Finger Dancing Project- Virtual Dance Project for Intermediate Students

Finger Dancing Project- Virtual Dance Project for Intermediate Students

It can be used to help 5th-8th-grade students.

Also available in PDF

Intermediate students may find it difficult to dance, but online teaching is easier. There is an easy, creative approach to teaching dance that doesn’t require you to be on camera.

Finger Dancing involves using your fingers as feet or legs to dance along with popular songs. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can add props or shoes to your feet.

This PDF contains an outline of a Dance Project called “Finger Dancing”. Students will videotape the project in any program they are familiar with (Flipgrid was what we used). The students will brainstorm, create a plan, and execute the dance to a song.

The entry talent threshold was very low for this project, so anyone can do it. This was the best excuse to not have their faces captured on film.

This includes a rubric you can use to add or remove as well as several YouTube video links that include examples.

Ideal for grades 5-8

Also can be used to design dance sets or props using the Visual Art Mark

This is a great resource to use for distance dancing classes! It was so much fun for students to create their dances. Many thanks!

This is an excellent source. It was a great resource that my students enjoyed creating dances. This is something I recommend highly!


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