Fingerprint Self-Portrait Designs with Self-Expression, Journaling & Personality

Fingerprint Self-Portrait Designs with Self-Expression, Journaling & Personality

It can be used to teach 5th-8th grade, Homeschoolers.

Included: PDF, 25 Pages

Fingerprint Self Portraits go beyond the standard self-portrait lesson. While most self-portraits emphasize what a student looks like, this lesson provides a snapshot of a child’s personality at a specific time in their life. The pattern of their fingerprints will allow middle schoolers to share their thoughts, likes and dislikes as well as some interesting facts about themselves. There is nothing more personal and unique than this!It’s possible!

The 25-page PDF includes detailed instructions and photos. There is also a gallery featuring student work to inspire you. You’ll learn an easy way to collect fingerprints from students (without having to use a stamp pad!You’ll also learn two ways to magnify fingerprints in order to make them look larger. You’ll also get a full page of writing prompts and a page of fascinating fingerprint facts to share with your students. The updated version includes three enlarged samples fingerprints that you can use if students are not available for the first lesson or need to catch up fast.

*Please note that if you choose to use your students’ own fingerprints (rather than the already enlarged sample fingerprints provided) you will need to enlarge them, which requires some prep time. These projects are unique because you use your student’s fingerprints. However, it is important to prepare ahead so that there is enough time to enlarge them!

It’s fun to create Fingerprint Self-Portraits. They are truly unique. With a narrative written in the child’s own handwriting and “voice”, Fingerprint Self-Portraits make a truly special keepsake. They are fun to make and kids will love them! Parents can frame the portraits and display them on the walls.


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It was loved by my students. They were able to create something unique and be creative while learning about fingerprints.

The project was well-written. It was easy to follow the steps. Don’t try and use the copier! Take pictures of your work, then print it out.


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