Folk Dance Formation Posters with Polka Dot

Folk Dance Formation Posters with Polka Dot

It can be used by PreK-8th grade students.

Included: PDF, 15 Pages

A simple visual is all you need to illustrate a folk dancing formation. This poster is a great tool for teaching dance forms. These posters are perfect for music classes! The set contains the following posters: 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches Posters: Folk Dance Formation 2. Longways established
3. Circle

You can stop panicking on the boards. You don’t have to explain the same thing four times. You just need to say the formula and then they’ll go. During an evaluation, my principal was amazed by this! To reduce confusion, I’d put them up just like you introduced them.

These are on my wall in class and I use them every day. We are grateful! It was difficult to find a product that didn’t have dance choreography and only showed basic formations. It is easy to comprehend for students because of the color code and shapes. One suggestion that I have would be to make is change the shape of the circle people to one with a more logical shape. This will avoid confusion in creating circle formations. Perhaps stars and moons could be used for people. It’s just an idea! They are a favorite of my students. These staples are what I miss most about my classroom.


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