Food Prep Task Cards

Food Prep Task Cards

This can be used by K – 12th grade, as well as for Higher Education and Adult Education.

Included: PDF, 16 Pages

Food Preparation Vocabulary Work Cards asking readers to name the action shown in the image. There are three choices. These vocabulary words are commonly used in recipes and can be useful for teaching cooking lessons.

These include:

  • 60 task cards
  • Cover for task box
  • Easy data collection with numbering task cards Get FREE Progress Monitoring/Answer Sheets for Task Cards Click HERE

Visuals and words included in the following:

chop, peel, slice, dice, mince, knead, grill, sprinkle, cut out, bake, roast, boil, fry, whisk, toast, deep fry, mix, beat, whip, stir, shake, add, melt, roll, scrape, wash, pour, empty, dry, fold, freeze, thaw/defrost, spread, tenderize, season, marinade, fill, skewer, cool, serve, shred, grate, microwave, blend, measure, squeeze, preheat, mash, stuff, drain, rinse, separate, remove, scramble, tear, open, cover, grease, & sauté.

It’s easy to prepare:

  • For long-term use, print, laminate and cut
  • The student is responsible for determining the price of the item (matching).
  • To mark correct answers, use clothes pins and a dry erase marker.
  • This is a great tool for teaching small groups and organizing work tasks.


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Extremelythankfulfortheseworktasks that are relevant for my students who prepare for independence in their post secondary futures. These tasks are simple to put together and can be used with any student. They are versatile and can be used in an individual or group setting.

SpedAdulting has another great resource! It’s impossible to go wrong when you buy any product. These products are practical and well-thought out.


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