Food Safety & Sanitation DIGITAL Interactive Notebook- 34 Activities

Food Safety & Sanitation DIGITAL Interactive Notebook- 34 Activities

It can be used to help 9th -12th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 34 Pages

This list is intended for digital activities for students interested in food safety or sanitation. Students who prepare to take the nationally recognised food safety and sanitation certificate mangers exam will find this useful.

The total number of activities is 34 and they all go with the topic of food safety. (See below for activity names). You can either put these activities in an interactive digital notebook or as standalone activities.

You will open the pdf file after you have downloaded the file. It contains information about the teacher as well as links to the other files. Each file is a GOOGLE SLIDE. This product is compatible with google classroom. You can get several files:

  • Original Digital Interactive NotebookThis is a view guide to help teachers. All the activities are left blank.
  • Unknown backgroundThe same activities are available without the background of notebook paper (for printing in cases where you don’t need it).
  • FillableThis is the exact same activity set, but it contains fillable blanks that students can use to answer the questions.
  • Drag & DropThe set of activities is as follows: Students can choose to drag and place the answers randomly on the slide. This makes it easy for IEP students.
  • Questions?This is the exact same activity set with all the answers.
  • Copy for studentsIf you want to give students blank slides presentations where they must copy and paste activities into upon being given, there are slides files that have a title page and thought page. The page also has instructions on how to paste.

These are the names for the various activities

  • People at High Risk
  • TCS Foods
  • Bio Contaminants
  • Viruses
  • Chemical & Physical Contaminants
  • Food Allergens
  • Bad Chef/Good Chef
  • Do you need to hand wash?
  • Exclude vs. Restriction
  • The Flow of Food
  • Thermometers
  • Receiving Temperatures
  • Food labelling
  • Refrigerator Storage
  • FIFO
  • Food without temperature control
  • To Re-Serve Or Not
  • Imminent Health Hazards
  • Material for Facility Use
  • The Handwashing Station
  • Plumbing Vocab
  • There are many types of cleaners
  • Sanitizer Effectiveness
  • Steps to Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Washing in 3 compartment sink
  • Pest attributes
  • Government Agencies
  • The Inspection Process: Steps
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Part 2 of Know Your Numbers

You want an interactive notebook that is truly unique? You can check out my interactive paper/pencil notebook right here

This is an amazing resource. It is currently being used for virtual learning. Students love using the digital notebook. Interactive and easy to read, it’s very similar to the traditional textbook. We are grateful for the resource.

Although none of my students have done this, i believe it will be a great learning tool for them. This interactive method of teaching ServSafe is something I love. Easy to use. It also loaded in my Google classroom easily. We are grateful for your efforts and we will share!Thank you!


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