Food Safety & Sanitation Interactive Notebook for Culinary Foods FCS

Food Safety & Sanitation Interactive Notebook for Culinary Foods FCS

It can be used to help 9th -12th graders.

Includes PDF and 72 pages

The following list contains activities for an interactive notebook on food safety, sanitation and hygiene. Students who prepare to sit for a national food safety or sanitation certification exam will find this helpful.

You will find 25 different activities that can be used to help you learn about food safety and sanitation. Each activity will be available in both a PDF and editable Word formats. You will find the instructions on most activities printed on the same sheet as the activity. If the instructions are not on the same page (due space), you can have separate documents with the directions. A picture of the completed activity is also provided along with the answer keys in a separate document.

Below is a table of contents and information. Here’s the list of activities.

Contaminants Biological

Essential Food Safety Knowledge For Staff

FATTOM accordion

FATTOM Flip Table

Food Allergies Foldable

Food labeling

Bad Chef/Good Chef

HACCP Flip Table

How to wash your hands

People at High Risk

Introduction to Food Vocabulary

IPM Flip Tabs

The Minimum Internal Temperatures Chart

Number Flip Tabs

Pathogen Folding Tabs

Pest Flip Tabs

Receive Temperatures Flip-Chart

Refrigerator Storage

Remembering 4 vs 6

Roles of government agencies

Safe Facilities Vocab Flipchart

The Inspection Process: Steps

TCS Food

Three compartment sink

Types of Sanitizers and Cleaners Effectiveness

The interactive notebook is not only how to build/implement it, but also how you can use the activities to create and maintain a Study Lap Book (see fourth preview photo above).

Are you looking for a digital version You can check out my interactive digital notebook right here


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