Food Science – Elementary Feeding Therapy Activities – No Prep Feeding Homework

Food Science - Elementary Feeding Therapy Activities - No Prep Feeding Homework

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Includes PDF and 40 pages

With this resource, you can help your patience to approach feeding therapy with an engaged, objective and positive manner. The “food science experiments” were designed to provide leveled activities for your patient to “research” various foods. These worksheets can be used for therapeutic activities and home programs for patients with sensory issues.


○ Level 1: Surveys & Observations

  • Family Survey: What foods do you like?
  • Family Survey: What are your strategies for trying new foods?
  • Food Data Sheets (2 pages to explore properties of single foods)
  • Food Data Sheets (4 pages to explore the similarities of different foods’ properties)
  • What’s Different: explore the difference between different brands of the same food
  • Venn Diagram: compare & contrast two foods

○ Level 2: Food Experiments

  • Sink or Float
  • Which food dissolves the fastest?
  • Which food can you spit the farthest?

○ Level 3: Taste Tests Part 1

  • Which food is the spiciest?
  • Which food is the saltiest?
  • Which food is the sweetest?
  • Which food is the most sour?

○ Level 4: Taste Tests Part 2

  • Taste Test Tongue Map (with taste bud zones)
  • Taste Test Tongue Map (without taste bud zones)
  • What face do you make?
  • Battle of the sauces (2 pages)
  • Taste Test: Methods for Food Improvement
  • Location Test Test- Did it Change?
  • Evaluation of Presentations: Is it possible to change the flavor by changing how they are presented?

○ Level 5: Personal Data Tracking

  • Food Tracking Chart: How many times have it been tried?
  • Please fill the Taste Test Tube (5 space)
  • Please fill out the Taste Test Tube (ten spaces).
  • Food Tracking Test Tubes (5 spaces per)
  • Food Tracking Test Tubes (protein and vegetable, fruits, and meals- each 10 spaces)



Feeding schedule and activities

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