Foodie Fun Friday

Foodie Fun Friday

Useful for PreK – 4th
Most commonly used by Kindergarten students.

Included: PDF, 112 Pages

Our students learn by cooking in class. This gives them hands-on training and provides real-life experience that encourages higher-order thinking. These recipes include speaking, listening, sequencing and following instructions.

These 34 snacks ideas and recipes are easy to make in any school kitchen. They only require few ingredients and can all be made in short order.

Students can complete each recipe and a book is suggested to accompany it. Make sure to allow students to practice conservations as you prepare the snack.

Every snack includes a written page for students to write or draw on.

Note: If you want to add writing, it is possible to write the recipe on chart paper.

Allergies: Pay attention to student allergies, and adapt as necessary.

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We are grateful!

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