Fraction Robot Mathtivity Craft

Fraction Robot Mathtivity Craft

This can be used to teach Homeschoolers, 1st-4th grades.

Included: PDF, 32 Pages

Combining a lesson about fractions(Halfs and quarters). With our adorable Fraction Robot, you can combine creativity and craft.

The packet contains all you need to make cute robot crafts! Before you start teaching, please make sure to take the time to prepare and print all pages. We have also included a detailed robot to make it a complete activity.

To make a robot, students color and cut the pieces. You can use traditional colors, or you could mix brights with it!

Print these on color paper. Or ask your students for help shading them. You can include creative details, if desired, so that this activity is more difficult for your students.

If you don’t want the cutting and pasting components, I have included step-by-step instructions and fractions information pages.

An additional bonus version (2018) has been released. It includes pieces that students must draw the fraction lines, which are used to divide each piece.

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Because I needed to make each set, it took me more time than I expected. The pages indicated the approximate number of students each would be serving. This was very helpful. But it’s cute and functional. It was easy to set up as a review center.

They loved making their own fraction robots, which was a huge hit with my students! It was a great way for them to show their fraction knowledge and also create something that they enjoyed. After the lesson, we hung our robots in class and received many compliments from teachers. Thank you again


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