FREE! Famous Artists’ Ornaments & Art Tree (8 pg Cut & Paste) Smart Board Puzzle

FREE! Famous Artists' Ornaments & Art Tree (8 pg Cut & Paste) Smart Board Puzzle

It can be used to teach K – 5th grades.

Includes PDF and 9 pages

This collage is cut and paste. My art students should be familiar with the “Famous Artists’ Ornaments”. All files can be downloaded as jpg. You can also convert pdf files to for free. Notebook is the file for Interactive Smart Board.

Your students can choose their favorite ornaments to make a collage. You can let your students create ornaments by using some that are already blank. You can either cut out and place on a template or make your own collage using the Famous Artists’ Ornaments.


Copy of ornaments

Holiday Tree-Large or Small Copies


Two copies of the Construction Paper Templates

9 x 12 Construction paper


Markers and Scissors

Smart home automation

The packet contains:

1. 16 Artistic Ornaments

2. 27 Artistic Ornaments

3. Green Firs for the Collage


1. A small holiday tree

2. 1. Large Holiday Tree

3. Construction Paper: Fir Tree Template

4. Construction Paper – Cascading 3d tree template

5. Example of two Construction Paper Trees (33,4)

Smart Board Puzzle – New!

This will only work if you have Notebook software installed on your Smart Board.

24-piece interactive Puzzle of the Tree. They don’t snap together. This makes the task a lot more challenging. If it works to make snap in parts, then I will upgrade.

Notice: Students may use any copied images, artist’s photos, or artwork for the enhancement of their Art History, and to enhance their appreciation of Art. This is in compliance with Fair Use in Education.

Have fun

It’s so creative and enjoyable! The “make your ornament” option is great, as are the ones provided. Great idea.

Blank ornaments made of wood were great.. students came up with so many ideas for how to decorate them. Thank you!


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