Freeze Dance and Creative Movement Poses

Freeze Dance and Creative Movement Poses

It can be used to support PreK-5th
This is a great tool for 1st and Kindergarten students.

Included: PDF, 70 Pages

Your students will be thrilled with these 70 creative poses! These pose are great for freezing the students. Students can dance around the gym to the tune of the music. Show students the poses and give them 5-10 second to freeze as the song stops. You can increase the difficulty by showing students poses that are more difficult to duplicate or showing multiple poses and asking them to find partners for each pose. These creative movements and freeze dancing poses can be used as warm ups, brain exercises, or for quick games.

My entire Crazy Freeze Dance lesson can be found on my website at

I love to teach my students about statues, and this resource has helped me keep them interested and eager to play even more.

Students enjoyed.


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