French Dance Unit Elements of Dance for Grades 5-8 – SYTYCD French Version

French Dance Unit Elements of Dance for Grades 5-8 - SYTYCD French Version

This can be used by 5th-8th grade students.

Included: PDF, 18 Pages

FRENCH can teach the essential elements of dancing! Even if you have no dance experience, it is possible to teach the elements of dance remotely or in-person.

A French version is now available, in response to popular demand.Are You Sure You Can Teach Dance Elements?” dance unit. You will notice that both the examples videos and the teaching guide are available in English. All student-facing material (discussion questions and worksheets). They are also available in French. You can also download the PDF version in Google-friendly format.

Each lesson is focused on one element of dance and focuses specifically on a particular style. Each lesson includes discussion questions and journaling worksheets. A link is provided to a YouTube video that shows a fundamental element of the style.

To make the lessons as accessible and as high interest to students as possible, I have used clips from the “So You Think You Can Dance” television show. As these videos display dance in a manner that is current and recognizable, it should help students to “buy in” more easily.

*NOTE*:The unit can be used by students of all grades, even those who have not received dance training in their primary years. This unit teaches each aspect of dance in an accessible way so students without prior experience will be able to understand it. You can adjust the language and direction to fit the grade you teach if you want to discuss the specific characteristics of each grade.

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Perfect! It is a hit with my students.

For someone with little to no dancing knowledge, this resource is ideal. This resource clearly details and explains each element. The list includes questions and answers for kids as well as links to the video examples (with time stamps !!).). It saves me so much effort searching for the ideal video/example. Each element is also given a professional example and some “try it yourself” videos.


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