Game of Life, Plan a Vacation and Grocery Planning – Project Based Learning

Game of Life, Plan a Vacation and Grocery Planning - Project Based Learning

Can be used for 9th – 12th
Mostly used with 11th and 12th students.

Includes: PDF,

Game of Life

This project introduces high school students to a world of life skills. Some of the skills they will be introduced to are:

Finding a job.

Finding a college.

Finding an apartment.

Scheduling work and school for a week.

Researching public transportation and finding a vehicle.

Writing a cheque.

Addressing an envelope.

Learn how to meal plan.


Plan a Vacation

Students will plan a week long vacation to a foreign land. They will plan everything, from airfare to public transport.

This project includes:

Bucket List

City Facts

Travel Insurance

Travel Documents

Departing and Arriving Flights






Culture Etiquette

Internet and Phone

Daily Schedule


Packing List


Groceries and Menu Planning

Students will plan a week’s worth of groceries. They will look at the prices of common grocery items. Next they will calculate the cost for a simple recipe. They will then create a week-long meal plan.

This is what I used with my senior class before they graduated. They gained a lot of knowledge from the various types and questions they asked. It was very easy for students to use Google Classroom to assign it.

I used the Plan a Vacation project as a Life Skills project in ESY. It was a great way for students to practice budgeting, comparison shopping, and time management. I made a virtual fieldtrip using Google Earth for them after they finished. They enjoyed being able to select the attractions and restaurants that they would like to share with the class. Fantastic resource!


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