Genre Task Cards with Digital Boom Cards Option Easel Activity

Genre Task Cards with Digital Boom Cards Option Easel Activity

This can be used for Homeschool students, 3rd-5th grade.

Includes: PDF, 11 (32 task cards)

These 32 multiple-choice genre cards can be used to teach your students how to recognize different literary genres. Each card contains a short passage as well as multiple choice questions. Each card features four different genres, and the eight listed genres are available in this set.


Realistic fiction




Historical fiction

Science fiction


An answer key and a student answer sheet are included for students to check their work. A Challenge Card can also be used with any of the cards in the set. Students are required to answer the challenge card.


Distance learning

TpT’s digital tool has been added to the digital version. After purchase, click the white “Open in Easel” button. This will provide you with a version that allows students to answer their questions online. You can either edit or use the digital overlay as it is.

You will also get access to an interactive digital version of these cards on Boom Learning℠! You can play them on SmartBoards and computers as well as tablets. You can self-grade and have tons of fun! Check out the free preview to see how they work!


This set contains:

• Directions and Suggestions

• 32 Task Cards

• Challenge Card

• Student Answer Sheets

• Answer Key


About the Author

Rachel Lynette was the author of these passages. Rachel Lynette is a published author of more than 120 nonfiction books on children’s topics. I also have several teacher resource books. I have written for publishers such as Harcourt, Thompson-Gale, Rosen, Children’s Press, Evan-Moor, Kagan, and several others. These passages are a result of more than ten years of professional writing experience.

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Conditions of Use

Rachel Lynette, Minds in Bloom INC. created this resource. All rights are reserved. The original purchaser may use it for a single class. This product may be distributed to students and parents via email, google classroom, or the Internet if the site is password protected. You may give it to your students, but not on the Internet. You can purchase additional licenses at TpT if you wish to share the resource with your colleagues. These terms and conditions are appreciated. :

This product was happily brought to your attention by Rachel Lynette of Minds in Bloom and Cassi Noack



When quoting from a text, it is important to accurately explain what it says and draw inferences from it.


Refer to examples and details in a text for explanations and inferences.

This resource contains an interactive activity that students can use on any device. You can use Easel from TpT for free! Learn more.


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