Geography Lapbook & Passages | Maps and Globes | Map Skills

Geography Lapbook & Passages | Maps and Globes | Map Skills

It can be used as a 2nd or 4th grade, homeschool.
Most commonly used by 3rd-year students.

Included: PDF, 57 Pages

The geography lapbook includes 11 PAGES OF INFORMATIONAL PASSAGESAbout maps and globes: hemispheres; lines of latitude/longitude; cardinal and intermediary directions; compass rose; continents and oceans; pangaea. Landforms. Water bodies. Step by step directions and black line mastersFor creating a geography lapbook for your students. Included are 12 posters in full color of landforms and bodies waterThat match the image in the passages or lapbook. You can use the geography lapbook or passages as a complement to your own geography unit.

These interactive parts make up the lapbook kit

1. 1.

2. Cards and vocabulary for geography

3. Flip flap Insert Landforms with 8 images of landforms including islands, valleys, plains, mountains, hills, peninsulas, coasts, and more

4. Bodies of Water Flip Flap Insert with 4 Water Form Pictures including Lake, River, Ocean, and Bay

5. 5.Continent- and ocean self-checking map

6. Compass rose folding piece

7. Folding piece for the Hemisphere with the Equator and Prime Meridian

8. 8. A layered book with pages that include the following: page for planets, countries, states, towns, street addresses, etc.

9. Insert latitude and longitude

10. Informational pages on 11 pages

11. Mini posters of 12 water bodies/landforms

Printing single students is possible in a homeschool format.

The best way to motivate and engage students in learning is with lapbooks. This is an excellent way to organize everything and not send home loose papers. You can use the entire lapbook as a study guide to prepare for your unit test.

Now, this product is a part von a BOUNDLES! You can download it separately or purchase it together. Interactive Social Studies Kit BUNDLE!

Are you unsure about lapbooks? Watch this YouTube video to find out why I love lapbooks and how I use them in my own classroom.

Thank you for considering my Geography Lapbook Interactive Kit.

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A great tool for students who do not have much experience with Geography. It was fun and I enjoyed making and teaching this resource.

My students are loving this resource as am I. This is a great way to teach and reinforce skills. I like the lapbook approach and am having fun teaching this. Thank you so much!


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